The call for change soon outweighed the suburban malaise he’d fallen into during the previous few years. In 2010 Neil once again switched tack. His love of exploration and adventure drew him towards the sea. As an aviator he was used to navigating at 500 Knots, slowing down to 5 knots aboard a sailing yacht proved both welcoming and relaxing. He became a professional yachtsman and moved to the Caribbean, living in both, The British Virgin Islands and Curacao. The slower speeds gave him far more time to think, enjoy life and concentrate on his writing. He produced Sailing Check Lists for a publisher in Holland.

The Nexus idea however, always remained front and centre when it came to creative work. His attention soon turned towards a complete rewrite of The Raiders, combining both Part 1 and the notes for Part 2. Eventually it morphed into Kaleidoscope.
Sailing image