Kaleidoscope - a nexus novel image
We provide stories. That is what we do.

Some people forget the reason they live. Life for them appears empty. Something has been lost. They search for escapism and adventure. They ski glaciers, climb mountains and drive fast cars, some have affairs and other gamble. For most, these activities generate the missing adrenaline.
But there are a few who want more.

Experiences define us. That’s what we provide. Unique adventures which belong to the recipient. Works of performing art, up on which you can dine out for years. Exceptional memories, a treasure unlike any other. It can’t be broken, stolen, taken away or tainted, it even accompanies you to the grave.

Nexus is an adventure game written for a specific client. A client who can afford us. A client who excites us but not necessarily a client who comes looking for us.

Fiona had been married almost twelve years to David Coleman, a wealthy American banker. They had a bright, adorable young son, a large town house in Chelsea and the cream of London’s social class to call friends. David was dedicated, handsome and faithful, they both cared for each other and were perhaps, still in love. Most women would have sold their soul to switch places with Fiona Coleman, but she was restless. A storm brewed deep within, bringing her face to face with the sickness she feared most, boredom.

She was the perfect client. We delivered the perfect adventure. She glimpsed her perfect life. But it was all simply coloured tiles and mirrors. One twist of the wrist and they tumbled, shifting the paradigm, revealing an alternate reality.

We provide stories. The Kaleidoscope is ours.